Monday 5 February – Game over

This week we finished the Network 2 skills builder with the Game over activity. As usual though, we had a pow wow to catch-up and have a natter. Our Tweenies, Lyra, Olivia, and Tatiana went with Daisy and Poppy to continue their pre-promise programme. This week they made good turn boxes.

The aim of our main activity was to overcome challenges, work as a team and learn that it doesn’t matter if things go wrong the first time but knowing what went wrong can help you do it better next time. In our sixes, we had to make the tallest card tower possible with one pack of playing cards.  Working as a team, the girls had to make one tower by overcoming challenges such as slippery cards, cards not standing up, cards being accidently blown etc. They had 5 minutes for the first round – with only one Six managing to stack the cards.

The girls were asked to consider what factors worked and what didn’t – for example some of the Brownies realised that building the tower on the carpet was easier and it provided some grip. The girls had another 5 minutes to try again. This time 2 sixes succeeded in a small tower, the Rabbits had a tall tower but decided to risk one more card in the last few seconds rather than leave it and it fell down!

For the last round, the girls were given a small ball of sticky tack and asked to try again. Results wise, 2 very tall towers though one was very last minute as the girls were working individually to start with, not as a team.  Well done though to everyone.

For the rest of the meeting we played a variety of games we’d not played before or not played for a very long time. Each leader picked a game and ran it – favourites were Daisy’s disappearing friends; Simon says and copy cat!

This week’s awards – we were finally able to present the advent challenge badges completed by 7 girls over the Christmas holidays. Well done to Alicia, Darcy, Emma, Jessica, Hannah, Holly and Izzy. This week’s best Brownie was Holly for leading her Six brilliantly through this week’s skills builder task. That’s it for now – next week is half term so no Brownies.

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