Monday 11 March – Bubbles time!

We blew bubbles, designed the perfect Brownie town and still had time to play a full coding game – phew a busy meeting this week!

Our first activity was the Guiding a bubble UMA. The aim of this activity was to explore how we fit into the wider guiding family. So our unit along with all the Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Ranger units in Waddington and Bracebridge Heath form the Lincoln south east district. Twice a year we join our district at the panto and thinking day celebrations. Five districts including Hykeham and Witham St Hughes etc. then form the Lincoln south division. There are 8 divisions from South Lindsey to Bourne who form Lincolnshire south county. Finally, we are part of the Anglia region.

Our next challenge was to create bubbles within bubbles to represent our Girlguiding family. In our sixes we had enough resources for everyone to  turns to try and create a bubble within a bubble.  We managed a 2-tier bubble lots of times but found the 3-tier bubble difficult and only managed once (and it popped before Daffodil could get a photo!). It was a fun activity that the Brownies enjoyed very much.

After a clear up, we moved onto the Brownie town UMA. The aim of the activity was to build the ultimate Brownie town where everyone is welcome. We found out what we had in common with each other and leant that although we have lots in common there are also lots of little ways we are different and this is called diversity. In our sixes we draw our houses plus anything and everything we thought a town where everyone will feel at home would need. Each six had 2 giant pieces of A1 paper so there was plenty of space to be creative. The Brownies absolutely loved this activity and spent a lot of time creating their towns. We then put our giant pieces of paper together to create on large town.

Our last activity was a coding game (also the last part of our engineering challenge badge). A bit like Simon’s Says but with one Brownie being the programmer and everyone else the computer. The programmer had to give out commands for the rest of follow.

This week’s awards: Emily S received best Brownie for last weekend’s thinking day trip; Emily H was nominated by Lily as this week’s best Brownie for her excellent leadership of the Foxes during both tasks. We gave out the skills builder badge – network 2 to all those who had completed the 4 activities. Just time for some more games before it was time to go.

Thank you to Sadie, Olivia and Lyra who completed the International Woman’s day challenge with some brilliant pictures of the woman who inspire them. Daffodil will order the badge for you this week. Well done girls – Daffodil is really impressed with what you completed.

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