Monday 18 March – Slime time!

Squidgy, squelchy, super slime! This week we finished off our science challenge badge by making slime. We revisited what a scientist is and heard about 4 famous female scientist: Rosalind Franklin who discovered the structure of DNA, Caroline Herschel discovered 8 comets; Marie Curie discovered radioactive elements and Rita Levi-Montalcini who was awarded the Nobel prize for the discovery of nerve growth. It was then time to transform into fun scientist by mixing cornflour, gelatine and water to make lots of mess and some slime!

We split into 2 groups to do this activity so while group 1 were making slime, group 2 completed a couple of UMAs.  What’s my animal’s aim was to explore how animals can represent personalities and feelings and decide which animal represented us. We talked about our favourite animals, played a game pretending to be an animal then had a 5-minute quiet time to think about what animal is most like us. Sole-mates UMA was a fun activity to play and explore what we like to do with our friends.

Half way through we swapped over groups. Once all Brownies had completed their 3 activities, Marigold organised some games while the leaders cleaned up the mess in the kitchen!  It wasn’t as bad as we thought but that cornflour gets everywhere! So a good wipe down, sweep and mop of the floors and tables was needed to make sure everything was left clean and tidy.

Weekly awards – International Women’s Day badges presented to Lyra, Olivia and Sadie who completed their International Women’s Day challenge at home – super well done to all. Our hostesses Emily H and Charis had completed the invitations so these were passed out to our Tweenies: Lyra, Olivia and Sadie inviting their parents to come to their promise ceremony next week. Tatiana wasn’t at the meeting so Charis took it home to pass to her a school the next day.

That’s it for now .. we finish the term next week with an Easer egg hunt!

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