Monday 25 March – find those eggs!

This week was our last meeting of the spring term and we finished on a high with two fantastic Easter egg hunts, easter crafts and our end of term awards.

For our first Easter egg hunt, we worked as a team in our sixes. We had staggered the start times for each Six to help spread them out and to stop any unintentional spoilers! The Brownies had to solve the 7 clues which took them to lots of different places in our venue to find the plastic eggs full of treats and goodies.

The girls had a choice of 2 Easter themed crafts before moving on to our second Easter egg hunt. Each six had to find 3 large eggs containing jigsaw pieces and chocolate. The Brownies then had to make up the jigsaws (and got to eat the chocolate)!

Time for our end of term award’s ceremony:

Brownie buddy certificate and badge. Just one of our Brownie buddies received this for looking after the Tweenies in her six so well. Well done Emily S.

Hostess Challenge badges. Well done to Charis and Emily H who complete the ‘I was a Brownie hostess’ challenge badge. Emily made a brilliant 3D hand sculpture making the promise sign and Charis made shortbread for the parents.

Best Six League Table Winners. Awarded to the six who had collected the most points (mainly awarded for good teamwork and via the six registers). Congratulations to the Foxes, their first win since 2019! Well done to Emily H, Emma, Darcie-Bay, Jessica, Elora, Lyra and Bella-Rose. All received a lovely certificate and official Girlguiding team work badge.

Best Brownie of the Term –Emily S.  Super helpful and always willing to offer assistance (especially to younger Brownies). Polite, hard-working, super enthusiastic and always smiling.  Well done Emily who received a lovely certificate, a Brownie bear pin badge, a Brownie notebook and pencil p’us a well done badge to sew onto her uniform.

Leavers. We said a sad but fond farewell to Charis who is moving up to Guides after Easter. Charis received a leaving card signed by everyone, a I’ve finished my Brownie adventure certificate and the metal “Brownies was an Adventure badge.” Good bye and good luck!

At 7.10pm, our parents started to arrive. They were greeted by our Brownie hostesses who took their drinks order and with Snowdrop’s help made a hot or cold drink served with Charis’ home-made shortbread. We held our traditional Brownie promise ceremony for 4 of our Tweenies: Lyra, Olivia, Sadie and Tatiana. The girls did brilliantly and we finished the ceremony by welcoming them to the unit. Everyone received their Brownie medal promise badge, certificate plus lots of other badges. Well done and congratulations to all.

That’s it, back after Easter. Daffodil (when time) will set an optional challenge badge to be completed over the Easter holidays. See you then!

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