Monday 4 March .. experiment time!

This week we covered the electronic engineering section by building our own electric circuit using lemons!  The Brownies were then divided into 6 groups with each group receiving everything needed to make their circuit: 2 lemons, 2 copper objects (2p pieces), 2 galvanised washers (galvanised means the steel has a thin layer of zinc on its surface), 3 sets of crocodile clips and wires plus a one LED.

Daffodil had prepared a set ready to show the Brownies how to create their circuit and we talked about how and why it worked. The Brownies were brilliant as even with Daffodil’s demonstration it wasn’t quite so simple. The crocodile clips had positive and negative sides but where not labelled so the girls had to experiment and move them around if the LED light didn’t work. Each group eventually got their LED light on.

Our next activity was covered mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers often have to think about what will happen to the thing they have designed when somebody bumps into it, drops it, or crashes it. Sometimes they have to design things to be dropped or crashed such as humans landing on the moon or landers on Mars (carrying scientific instruments). For our experiment, we pretended our chocolate teacakes where astronauts and we had to find a way to protect them using recycled materials. We had bubble wrap, plastic take-away containers, envelopes, string plus cello tape. In their Sixes, the girls had 20 minutes to create a space ship and wrap it up ready to drop. We took turns to drop it from a height standing on a chair and even throwing it across the room. Spaceships unwrapped to see whose teacake made it. Congratulations to the Rabbits, who listened to the brief and created one spaceship for both astronauts who both survived the crashing! The other 2 sixes built separate spaceships for each astronaut with only one surviving.  We then got to eat the teacakes, even the squished ones!

Our last activity was the planetary puzzles UMA learning facts about the planets. This covered the physicist part of the challenge badge as physicists study everything in the solar system and beyond, from planets and moons to galaxies and asteroids.

Our awards this week: 10th birthday to Charis, 1st anniversary to Jessica D. No weekly best Brownie but Daffodil has decided to award it to Emily S. At the weekend, Emily was incredibly helpful to other Brownies in her group while making the elephant pom-poms at the district thinking day event. Well done Emily. Everyone who attended the event, also received their thinking day badge.

As its International Women’s Day on Friday, Daffodil has challenged the Brownies to complete an activity to celebrate it. All Brownies went home with a challenge such as write a short story about a famous woman who inspires you or create a cartoon strip featuring a girl or woman as the hero and so on. Brownies who complete the challenge and bring back their results next week will receive an official Girlguiding International Women’s Day badge.

That’s it for now.

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