Best Brownie Roll of Honour 2021

Spring & Summer Terms 2021 (Virtual Brownies)

Due to the unit reducing to fortnightly meetings and being split into 2 groups, we did not run a Weekly Best Brownie competition for these terms.  Weekly Best Brownie Awards (plus our Monthly Smartest Uniform) for the week beginning:

Autumn Term 2021

Monday 6 September
Weekly Best Brownie: Jasmine / Best Tweenie work: Holly

Monday 13 September 
Weekly Best Brownie: Sophie  / Best Tweenie work: Charlotte

Monday 20 September
Weekly Best Brownie: Charlotte / Best Tweenie work: Paige

Monday 27 September
Weekly Best Brownie: Gracie / Monthly Smartest Uniform: Isla

Monday 4 October
Weekly Best Brownie: Evie N / Neatest Necker Award: Florence

Monday 11 October
Weekly Best Brownie: Ayda / Neatest Necker Award: Holly

Monday 18 October
Weekly Best Brownie: Kitty / Neatest Necker Award: Aurora

Monday 25 October
Half term

Monday 1 November
Weekly Best Brownie:  Bobbin / Neatest Necker Award: Eliora

Monday 8 November
Weekly Best Brownie:  Evie P / Neatest Necker Award: Isabel

Monday 15 November
Weekly Best Brownie:  Anya / Neatest Necker Award: Sophie

Monday 22 November
Weekly Best Brownie:  xx / Neatest Necker Award: xx

Monday 29 November
Weekly Best Brownie:  xx / Neatest Necker Award: xx
Monthly Smartest Uniform Award: xx

Monday 6 December
Weekly Best Brownie:  xx

Best Brownie of the Term: