Best Brownie

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To encourage our Brownies to remember their Promise; in particular to “… do my best …” at every meeting, we have a Weekly Best Brownie Award.  In the past, to ensure fairness we awarded the Weekly Best Brownie Certificate to the Brownie who received the most nominations from members (other Brownies, leaders and helpers) of the unit.  To ensure Brownies are not just nominating their siblings or best buddies rather than actually considering the most helpful, enthusiastic and all round Best Brownie (as has happened in the past), each nomination will have to be supported/seconded by a Leader.

The Weekly Best Brownie will receive a certificate and a fabulous personalised 1st Waddington (RAF) pencil or Girlguiding pencil and gets to take home our trophy and one of our mascots (King Stanley our penguin or our little Brownie dolly).

In September 2021 we brought back the Weekly Neatest Necker award as our neckers were looking a little scruffy and worse for wear! Winners of this award receive a lovely certificate and fabulous Smiggle uniform pencil.

We also have a Best Brownie of the Term Award.  This award is given to the Brownie who has not only received the most nominations during the whole term but has also been deemed, by the Leaders, as always doing her best, having a go at everything whatever the outcome and never giving up!  The term’s Best Brownie will receive a fantastic, official Girlguiding themed gift, a certificate, a personalised trophy and a woven “Brownies – Well Done!” badge to sew on her uniform.