Best Six

To encourage our Brownies to attend every meeting and to remember to bring everything they need, we run a Best Six League table.   The Six with the most points at the end of the term will receive a fabulous, official Girlguiding gift and a certificate.  Each year we have a pow-wow to check the Brownies still want to run  these Registers and so far its been a resounding yes!

Points are awarded as follows:

Team Building Nights – all scores from Team Building nights as added to the Best Six League table.

Attendance – a Brownie who attends every meeting of a term will receive 25 points, these will be added to following term’s Best Six League Table.

Interest Badges – 25 points to every Brownie completing an Brownie Interest and/or Brownie Buddy badges.

Weekly Best Brownie – the Weekly Best Brownie will receive 25 points for her Six; however, if a Brownie forgets to return the Best Brownie Trophy, her Six will be ‘fined’ 25 points.

Tidy Up – the quickest Six to finish and tidy up after an activity will receive 25 points.

Uniform – Brownies wearing full uniform including necker, woggle, correct shoes and long hair tied up receive a tick (or one point) on the Sixes’ Registers.  Points are also awarded for bringing books, pencil cases and a drink.  Weekly points are then added up and if everyone in the Six has brought everything, the points are doubled.