Best Six Winners

From September 2020 – March 2021, we will be splitting the Unit into 2 smaller groups; each group will meet FORTNIGHTLY.  The 2 groups for virtual meetings are: Group 1 – Foxes & Squirrels / Group 2 – Hedgehogs & Rabbits.   Until we are back to face to face meetings, the Best Six League Table is on hold.

Jan – Mar 20202nd1st3rd4th
Sep to Dec 20191st3rd4th2nd
Apr to Jul 20194th3rd1st2nd
Jan to Apr 20194th3rd2nd1st
Sept to Dec 20184th2nd3rd1st
Apr to Jul 20183rd4th1st2nd
Jan to Mar 2018 4th2nd3rd1st
Sep to Dec 20173rd1st2nd4th
Apr to Jul 20171st3rd2nd4th