Brownie Buddy

I've been a Brownie BuddyWhen a new girl joins Brownies for the first time, she is known as a Tweenie until she takes her Promise.  A “Tweenie” is a girl who is ‘tween not being a Brownie and being a Brownie”.  We ask for older and more experienced Brownies to volunteer be our Brownie Buddies for both our new Tweenies and any new Brownies transferring from other units.

Our Brownie buddies will be returning in September 2021 and this is who we have lined up:
Isla for Evie P, Grace  & Anya | Aurora for Holly & Paige | Gracie for Charlotte & Sienna | Kitty for Emily S

To received the lovely Brownie Buddy badge and certificate, a Brownie Buddy has to complete the following clauses (signing off each clause when done and returning the sheet to Daffodil for checking):

1.  Show your new Brownie around your meeting place.
2.  Tell your new Brownie what happens in the Brownie ring at the start and end of Brownies.
3. Explain the Brownie signals (e.g. hand up and “window” means listen).
4. Teach your new Brownie our opening song “Brownie Bells” actions.
5. Teach your new Brownie our finishing song “Softly Falls the Light of Day”.
6.  For Tweenies only – Help your new Brownie complete their “Becoming a Brownie” book.
7. For Tweenies only – Practice the Brownie Promise and Law with your new Brownie.

A Brownie Buddy usually has between 6-10 weeks to complete all the clauses and will receive the Badge and certificate at the Tweenies’ promise ceremony or at our end of term Awards ceremony.