Brownies at Home!

Welcome to Brownies at Home page, set up specifically so our Brownies can keep in touch during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Daffodil has created a Brownies At Home programme for Brownies to work through various challenge badges and Brownie Interest Badges during the Summer Holidays and beyond!  Below are lots of activities to download and links to other sites providing even more activities!  For those activities with badges, send Daffodil evidence of completion and she will order the badges (for our Brownies only though!).  Stay tuned for updates as and when they occur.

1st Waddington Brownies – Interest Badge Boredom Buster Challenge

What a good time to complete some interest badges!  These are also an essential element of the programme and girls need to complete one per theme in order to receive their theme awards and subsequent bronze/silver/gold awards.

We’ve created a programme covering all 18 Interest badges for Brownies to follow if they don’t have a badge book.  The programme also includes 15 other fun activities to do for those who don’t want to complete the badges.   Badges awarded for completing 3 matching coloured boxes (not white boxes) on one page.  There is more detail in the Badge books and we do recommend them.   We have a small supply of badge books for sale at half price £3.50 with a free bookmark thrown in.  Email Daffodil to order one.  Download our Brownie Interest Badge Boredom Buster here.

Girlguiding Anglia – Amazzzing Anglia Birthday: Sat 27 Nov

Save the date – Amazzzing Anglia Birthday
What: virtual event
Where: online
When: 27 November 2021


Girlguiding: Activity a Day / Monthly Challenges

Girlguiding have launched their #AdventuresAtHome programme and are publishing an Activity a Day which girls are welcome to try.  Find them on their Facebook page here.

Girlguiding have also added an #Adventures at Home page to their website here which is full of official programme resources Brownies can complete at home.

Their Monthly Challenge and activities are also on their website here.

Brownies at Home Pow Wow

Once a term we usually have a pow-wow to share and suggest ideas for the next few terms.  Our termly pow-wow has sadly had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 but Daffodil would still like to hear what the Brownies would like to do!

Daffodil is now working on next year’s programme – both the F2F and virtual meetings plus end of term trips so this is your chance to have your say.

The “My Ideas” form is here Complete and email to Daffodil so she can includes as many ideas as possible.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer, just write them down in an email and we will try to incorporate as many as possible.

More Resources

Daffodil has uploaded all the programmes and resources she has created and adapted.  These can be found on our new Leaders’ Resources page here.