Here at 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies, when a new girl joins Brownies for the first time, she is known as a Tweenie until she takes her Promise.  Traditionally a ‘Tweenie’ was a girl who is ‘tween not being a Brownie and being a fully fledged Brownie’. Of course, nowadays, girls do not have to take the promise and we simply call girls undertaking our pre-promise programme ‘Tweenies’ for ease.

To help our Tweenies settle in, get to know everything about Brownies and prepare for their promise, we have a 6-10 week programme created by Daffodil just for them. Our pre-promise programme is loosely based on the now obsolete becoming a Brownie book and teaches the girls everything they need to know about Brownies and helps them learn their Brownie promise and law.

Snowdrop is our Tweenies’ mentor and with help from our Young Leader Blue Cheese, runs our Tweenie programme most weeks.

Leaders resources: For leaders from other units, if you like the sound of our pre-promise/Tweenie programme, download it from here

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