Refunds Policy

Welcome to our new Refunds Policy page.  We’ve never had to bother with this before as we’ve always had the funds available to give full refunds.  Although our holiday weekend deposits have always been labelled “non-refundable deposit”, even if another Brownie had not taken her place, the deposit was more often than not refunded, sometimes at a loss to the unit.  However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, our Unit funds are running very low;  therefore, it is now deemed necessary to formalize our refunds policy:

All deposits are non-refundable UNLESS another Brownie takes the place and pays her deposit.  This is simply because your deposit would have already been spent on resources, crafts, activities etc.

Deposits taken for free day trips will be returned on the day of the event IF the Brownie turns up.  No shows at such free events will result in NON PAYMENT of deposit.  Again, simply because the deposit was used to pay for an entry ticket or fee which in turn will be non-refundable from the venue provider.

The yearly consent form and list of events on this website, will also include a cut off date for refunds.  Please make sure you read through carefully before paying and committing to an event.

Refund Policy for Brownie Holiday September 2021:
All deposits are non-refundable.  IF another Brownies takes the place, a refund of the balance paid and deposit  is possible.
If another Brownies does not take the place –
Withdrawals after Monday 2 August will only receive a refund for the food portion of the weekend (approx £8) as all other resources would have already been bought and paid for.
Withdrawals after Monday 6 September, no refunds are available or possible as everything including food would have been paid for