Brownie Leaders Team

The adults who run a Brownie unit are called Leaders. They are unpaid volunteers who have completed Girlguiding training. They are usually helped by a team of other young women or adults. Girlguiding recommends at least one adult for every 8 Brownies (within the meeting place); if leaving the meeting place, the ratio is a mandatory 1:8 (1:6 for residential events) and any young leaders are counted as minors. All our leaders follow the Code of Conduct. Our team is made up as follows:


Daffodil (not Brown Owl please!) has over 20 years Guiding service and has been running the Unit since 2010. Daffodil was never a Brownie or Guide and came to Girlguiding as an adult volunteer in November 2000. Her favourite things to do are organising the programme, adapting programme elements to fit in with our new virtual or Brownies at Home programme, craft, writing our newsletters and updating this website. Daffodil is the Unit’s Going Away Scheme licence holder allowing her to organise and run weekend trips away for the Brownies.  She is also a unit First Aider.  Following a break of 6 years after a 24-year career in the RAF, Daffodil has recently re-joined as a Reservist and now works as a part time administrator at RAF Waddington. She lives locally with Mr Daffodil and their 18 year old son Connor.  Daffodil should be the first point of contact for anything to do with our Unit or this website.


Assistant Leader
Buttercup joined us in September 2015 as a parent helper but has since completed the Girlguiding Leadership Qualification so is now a fully qualified Brownie Leader.  In her younger days, Buttercup was a Brownie, then Guide and worked as an editor of the Girlguiding magazine.  During her time with us, Buttercup has fulfilled many roles including mentor to our oldest Brownies (helping them prepare for the move up to Guides) and also as a Tweenie mentor (helping our newest members get ready for their Brownie Promise). Buttercup is our resident Unit “baker” making delicious treats and cup cakes for lots of different occasions; she is also our Unit publicist, writing monthly articles for the local Heathcliffe View magazine as well as running our Twitter account.  Lastly, Buttercup is one of our 3 Unit First Aiders.  Buttercup works part time and lives locally with Mr Buttercup, 12 year old Isobel and 14 year old Hamish.


Under Training/Assistant Leader
Daisy joined us in September 2016 as a parent helper; started her Girlguiding Leadership Qualification in 2019 so is on her way to become a fully qualified Brownie Leader.  Her goal is to finish this over the next few months and then look at completing the Going Away Scheme (including camping) as she and her daughter Paige love to camp!  Daisy has taken on many varied roles within our Unit including Unit Sports Rep, mentor to our oldest Brownies (helping them prepare for the move up to Guides) and is our current Tweenie mentor (helping our newest members get ready for their Brownie Promise).  Daisy also coordinates our monthly depot order – making sure we have everything we need each term and helps Daffodil run the Unit accounts – she is a dab hand at finding mistakes when Daffodil can’t get the unit accounts to balance!  Daisy is also a Unit First Aider, works full time as an accountant and lives locally with her 11 year old daughter, Paige.


Unit  Helper
Snowdrop joined us in September 2018 as a Unit Helper. Snowdrop works full time and is indulging her love of singing (albeit badly) by joining a choir.  Snowdrop will try anything and is a great asset to the Unit whether she’s playing games, running an activity or completing the very important pre- and post-meeting checks of our meeting place.  On the departure of Tulip, in July 2019, Snowdrop took over the job of sending out our welcome letters/packs to new girls joining us and also took over as a Unit Sports Rep  – thank you Snowdrop.  Snowdrop lives locally with Mr Snowdrop and her 10 year old daughter, Chloe.  Snowdrop is looking forward to joining us for her first Brownie weekend away in September 2021.


Unit  Helper
Lavender joined us as an Occasional Unit Helper in September 2019 and is our first ever helper with the honorary Brownie name of “Lavender”. Like Daffodil, Lavender is also serving at RAF Waddington (as a medic) and answered our call for new adult volunteers.  Lavender has just volunteered to take over as our Tweenie mentor from April 2020.  Thank you Lavender.

Not Forgetting

Let’s not forget those wonderful leaders/helpers whose contribution whether short or long will always be appreciated and never forgotten.

September 2014 was our Unit’s 10th anniversary and all our ex-helpers and leaders (bar Janet who we couldn’t track down) were invited to attend a fabulous pirate-themed 10th birthday party. It was lovely to see those who were able to come back and attend (Ashley, Cassie and Alison).

2019 was our 15th birthday but plans for our fabulous party had to change due to a lack of funds at the time.  Instead, we had a fabulous sponsored record-breakers evening with lots of fun activities and games and, of course, cake!  Our lovely Tulip returned for the night to be our resident DJ for the evening and we raised an incredible £480 for the Unit at the same time.