Our subscription for the next 3 terms are:
Subs do not include half term meetings and are £2.25 per week* to be paid termly in advance.

7 September to 18 December 2020:
14 week term due by Monday 14 September.

Due to COVID-19 we will have virtual meetings via zoom this term only.  The Unit will still be split into 2 so we have 2 smaller groups meeting alternative weeks.  Subs for zoom meetings will be £1.50 a week, £10.50 in total (7 * £1.50) to be paid termly in advance as usual.  This charge is to cover the extra printing and postage costs as we will be sending out resources for Brownies to use at home.  It will also contribute towards our annual census due in February.

Spring Term Subs: 4 January – 29 March 2021
It is not yet known if we will be returning to face-to-face meetings or continuing our virtual meetings.  Potential subs for the full Spring 2021 term will depend on a number of factors but may be:

If we are meeting face to face (every fortnight due to group size) subs will be: £3 x 6 = £18+£2 census = £20**
If holding virtual only meetings via Zoom (every fortnight due to group size) subs will be: £1.50 x 6 = £9+£7 census = £15**

Summer Term Subs: 19 April – 19 July 2021
Subs for the full Summer 2021 (12 week) term will £27+£3 census = £30 due by Monday 26 April.

Subs are used for purchasing books, official Girlguiding Programme resources, printing, postage, envelopes, Promise supplies, badges, stationery, craft materials, refreshments, Leaders mandatory training, gifts and prizes etc.   It is also used to cover the hire of our meeting place and our annual census subscription.   As a registered charity the District Commissioner must audit our accounts annually.  None of the Guide Leaders or helpers are paid for the many hours we donate – we are volunteers.

Parents are to use our GoCardless online payment account (we no longer accept cash or cheques for termly subs and trips).  Links are listed under the GoCardless Payment Links page.  Receipts for online payments will not be issued as parents will receive a confirmation email direct from GoCardless.

Please note confirmation of payment is NOT confirmation of place – places will only be reserved on receipt of completed and signed consent and/or medical forms.  Online payments also take 7-10 days to reach our bank account.

Annual Census Subscription
Every February, Girlguiding conducts a census, when we count the number of members we have in the UK.  At the same time, we collect an annual subscription, which must be paid by all members of our organisation.  The census includes all girls, leaders, helpers in the unit who have attended more than one meeting, and who are attending when the count is taken. The amount charged for Census changes each year but will be £34 per head in February 2021 (approx £100 in total).

At our Unit, termly subs have always included a contribution towards this fee, so we have never had to ask parents to pay for it separately (something that is common in most other units).  However, 2020 has seen a massive reduction in the amount of subs collected due to the enforced Girlguiding suspension of all activities due to COVID-19.  Therefore, as we haven’t been able to collect our usual contribution towards the February 2021 bill, we will be adding a census contribution fee to our termly subs in 2021.  We have also made the very difficult decision of advising parents that Brownies who do not attend our virtual meetings this term or next year but wish to remain a part of Girlguiding, will be required to pay £30 toward their membership fee.

The money collected from the census benefits Girlguiding at both local and national level. It covers necessary running costs and ensures that we meet the needs of our girls at all times.

Gift Aid
If you pay income tax, Leaders can use Gift Aid to claim back the tax paid at basic rate – that means Guiding gets an extra 25p for every £1.00 you give in subs or donations.  We claim this at the end of the school year every August.  This allows us to subsidize every trip, offer a half price Badge books, free badges and throw fantastic end of term parties!!