Brownies summer challenges

For 2023, Daffodil has challenge the Brownies to complete the Anglia Brownies go explore challenge badge. The girls need to complete 14 challenges including the 4 corner challenges and then 2 activities from each side of the square. The girls also need to completed 2 related UMAs – we will do these in September. The challenge pack for this badge can be downloaded from here.


This summer challenges consists of 7 different badges for the girls to choose from. Some we’ve done before and some are brand new!  This pack here includes 6 different badges and badges are ordered via the links included in the pack. Parents should just double-check with Daffodil first to see if the badges in the 2022 summer challenge are still available.


This pack here. is the Lincolnshire South 60th birthday challenge pack, badges can be ordered from Daffodil in her role as County Secretary. Details on the form.  Badges are reduced to just 10p each!

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