Leaders' resources

Welcome to our leaders’ resources page. Please feel free to download our resources and ideas and adapt them to suit your needs.  If re-branding for your unit, district, division or county, please remember to credit all the authors listed.

All current resources requiring rebranding have now been done. The old virtual and remote resources written during lock-down will not rebranded. Risk assessments will also not be rebranded as leaders can just copy and paste those risks needed into their own templates. A table listing all our programme adaptions and extra programme resources can be downloaded here

These resources are FREE but if you would like to show your appreciation of the hard work and time taken by Daffodil to create them, please make a small donation to our unit via the our PayPal account here.  If everyone donated just £5 this would be a welcome source of income for our unit. Thank you.

If adapting for your unit and removing our logo AND then sharing outside your unit, please remember to credit all original authors. A simple “Based on original resource created by 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies” in the footer will suffice. 

Each resource can be found on its own page through the links below: