Leader Resources

Welcome to our new Resources page.  Like many other Units, this year’s COVID-19 lock down has resulted in our Unit having to adapt our programme to ensure its continued survival.  All the resources that Daffodil has created and shared on the Girlguiding Programme Support Facebook page are now available on this page for our fellow Girlguiding volunteers.  Please feel free to download our resources and ideas and adapt to suit your needs.  Please feel free to use Daffodil’s Brownies at Home logo.  If re-branding for your unit, please remember to credit all the authors listed.  Many thanks.

These resources are FREE but if you would like to show your appreciation and make a small donation to our Unit, please do so via the Unit’s Paypal account (send without protection to avoid fees) –  here.  Thank you. 

To save paper, most resources are designed to be cut and pasted into separate PDFs and printed as booklets.

Brownies Interest Badge – Boredom Buster Challenge

Daffodil has created a programme covering all 18 Interest badges for Brownies to follow if they don’t have a badge book.  The programme also includes 15 other fun activities to do for those who don’t want to complete the badges.   Badges awarded for completing 3 matching coloured boxes (not white boxes) on one page.  Download it here.

Virtual Brownies – Pick Up & Go Programme

1st Waddington(RAF) Brownies are holding virtual meetings this term.  We have split our Unit into 2 groups with each group meeting fortnightly.  Daffodil’s programme contains 7 week’s worth of activities.  Most weeks include Brownie UMAs and are designed specifically for the girls to do during the virtual sessions.  This pack-up includes everything needed: a mini-prog booklet to send out to the Brownies, A4 activity sheets for each meeting, A4 instruction sheets for Leaders and a mini-programme for a virtual Promise ceremony.  It includes several UMA adaptions written by other Leaders.  Download it here.

Brownies at Home – Pick Up & Go Programme

This is the non-virtual version of our Virtual Brownies Programme above.  Daffodil created it specifically for those Units not meeting face to face or virtually following excellent feedback received for the virtual programme.  It covers 13 weeks and is designed for Brownies to do at home on their own in lieu of face to face meetings. It includes a resources list for Leaders, covering letter for parents and 13 sets of A4 instructions/worksheets for Brownies. It includes several UMA adaptions written by other Leaders.  Download it here.

Brownies at Home – Promise Prep/Tweenie Programme

If we were meeting face-to-face, our Tweenies would have dedicated session one with one of our Leaders every week to work through the our pre-promise/Tweenie programme.  This 14-week programme has been adapted for the girls to do at home  with a little help from their parents and should only take 15-20 minutes each week.  It includes all the info parents need, a prog/progress chart, the Mission Promise challenge and a zoom Promise ceremony booklet.  This includes an slimmed down version of Workshop 5th Methodist Brownies’ Mission Promise Challenge.  Download it here.

A “Tweenie” is a girl who is b’ween joining Brownies and becoming a fully -fledge Brownie who has taken her Brownie Promise

Brownies – Record Breakers Fundraising Plan

This is our Record Breakers night fundraising plan.  We raised nearly £500 for the unit with only £20 expenditure for event supplies. Contains everything needed on the night including list of zones & events, A5 choosing lists for Brownies, parents letter & sponsorship form, zone posters and certificates.  Also covers Brownie Know Myself UMA “The Great Guiding Record Challenge”.  Download it here.

Girlguiding – Gift Aid Guide

Written by a fellow Girlguider, Jenni.  Contains a step by step guide on how to claim gift aid on subs.  Download it here.

Brownies – Risk Assessments

The following are our Risk Assessments for a variety of specific events.  Edit/adapt to suit your Unit’s needs.  Note, not all are on the official Girlguiding Risk Assessment template, we are in the process of converting them as we need to.  Those marked * are on the GG template.

Virtual Meetings*.  Download it here.  | Outdoor Meet & Greet*. Download it here.

Pre-COVID-19 Face-to-Face (F2F) Meetings*.  Does not cover the new guidelines for meeting F2F as we are not doing this yet.  Download it here.

Bag Packing | Beach Walk | Bowling* | Bouncy Castle | Lincoln Castle Trip | Fun Run/Colour Dash* | Museum & Observatory Trip* | Nature Walk* | Panto | School Christmas Fayre | SparklersTown Centre Treasure TrailWater & Kayaking Activities* |

Brownie Holidays/Weekends: Kitchen Risk Assessment | Residential Building – Parva House* | Residential Building – Seagull House

Brownies at Home – Summer Challenge

Included as part of our summer pack-up that was hand-delivered to all our Brownies just after May half-term. Download it here.  Includes:

Design a Cruise.  An activity to design a cruise which also counts as minutes towards our official programme.
Scavenger Hunts: An indoor and outdoor scavenger hunt to do at home.
30-Day Lego Challenge.  Earn a special builder badge by completing this challenge!

Brownies at Home – Spring Badge Challenge

We also created our version of the Easter Badge Challenge pack that another Unit produced.  It contains lots of quick, simple but fun activities covering 6 different challenge badges.  Download it here.  Includes:

Farmyard Fun: Moo! Oink! & Neigh! badges  – 5 themed activities to complete for each badge.
Nature Fun: Ladybird & Butterfly badges – 5 themed activities to complete for these badges.
Journey into Europe – for Guides but we think some of our older Brownies could manage this Challenge badge.  One challenge from each Section (Food, Animals, Craft & Find Out) to be completed.

Brownie Programme – Adaptions & Extra Resources

Daffodil has created several UMA and Skills Builder adaptions to be completed by girls at home on their own or virtually with the Unit as well as other resources required as part of these activities.  A list of these is below – click on the name of the resource to download it.

Daffodil is in the process of writing a virtual programme for January 2021, so is creating adaptions of existing Programme resources.  These will include: Reflect Stage 3 Skills Builder and the following UMAs: Cosmic Clues, Colourful Memories, Ship Shape, Frogs in a Pond, Lend a Hand, Night Sky Observers, Game On, Clowning Around and Start with a Bang.  Watch this space for updates!!

Brownie Skills Builder – A5 Choosing Cards & Voting Slips

Be Well – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Feel Good.  Big Up a Brownie – Cards.
Be Well – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Feel Good.  Can You Help Me – 52 cards.
Be Well – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Feel Good.  Finding Fluids – Water Tracker.
Be Well – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Feel Good.  Good Nights – Charts for Brownies.

Express Myself – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Communicate.  Exploring Emojis – Emoji Cards & Meanings
Express Myself – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Innovate.  I have an idea – Inventions.
Express Myself – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Innovate.  Made to Measure – Score Chart.
Express Myself – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Innovate.  Non-edible Architecture Version.
Express Myself – Odd Socks UMA – Brownies at Home Adaption.
Express Myself – Room in a Box UMA – Brownies at Home Adaption.
Express Myself – Crack the Code UMA Story Parts and Groups

Have Adventures – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Explore. A Country Walk – Countryside Signs
Have Adventures – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Explore. NESW – Alternative Compass
Have Adventures – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Explore.  Custom of Customs – Prohibited Items.
Have Adventures – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Explore.  Happy Feet – Healthy Feet Info & Tips.
Have Adventures – Planetary Puzzles UMA –  Planetary Puzzle – Pictures of Planets.
Have Adventures – Planetary Puzzles UMA – Planetary Puzzles – Cards & Clues.

Know Myself – Brownie Buddy UMA Labels

Skills for My Future – Thank You UMA – List of Different Languages & Greetings.

Take Action – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Make Change.  Changing Minds – Statements.
Take Action – Skills Builder Stage 2 – Make Change.  Environmental Detectives – Clue Sheet.
Take Action – Brownies on the Move UMA Brownies on the Move – Worksheet