Team building nights

These resources have all been rebranded.

50/50 game. Daffodil did not create this game. Source Unknown! We don’t know why its called “50/50” but it is based on the old 1968 Brownie programme before it changed to the Brownie adventure (you, community & world) programme in 2002. The pack-up includes 8 games and a score board.  Downloaded it from here.

Bandaged up.  Again, source unknown but we’ve been playing this since 2010.  Five games all with a hospital theme. Instructions booklet, quiz answer sheets, word searches, corner posters and score board included.  Can be downloaded from here.

Observant & alert.  Original source unknown but the animal pictures are all courtesy of Carol Pike. Four games with a theme of being observant and alert! Instructions, score boards plus all the pictures and answers for the “What do you see game?” included.  Can be
downloaded from here.

Hands free! Created by our Unit in 2016. Six games with a theme of being “hands free”. Instructions, equipment lists and score board included. Can be downloaded from here.

Dexterity challenges. Created by Daffodil, it’s a mixture of games from our hands free! team building night and our fundraising record breakers night (dexterity zone). The theme is “dexterity” with fun games set to challenge the girls’ motor skills.  Instructions, equipment list & score board included. Can be downloaded from here.

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