Sixers & Seconders

Brownies become a member of a Six, a small group with a name such as Badger, Fox, Mole, Inps, Fairies, Gnomes etc.  Here at 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies, we have 4 Sixes: Foxes, Hedgehogs, Rabbits and Squirrels and each Six has a Sixer (Brownie in charge) and a Second (her deputy).

Traditionally, the eldest Brownies are chosen as Sixers and Seconds but it can vary depending on when girls joined Brownies, their maturity and whether or not they actually want to take on the role  We pick our Sixers and Seconds based a variety of factors and don’t automatically pick the eldest girls.  As a Sixer or Second, Brownies are responsible for completing the following tasks every week.

Get out your Six Box.
Take Six’s Register.
If colouring, put table cloth on floor.
Make sure all rubbish is placed in the bin.
Fold and put away table cloth in Six Box.
Put Six box away in cupboard.

One of our leaders will act as a mentor to new Sixers and Seconds, going through a handy guide with them which explains exactly what is expected of them with useful hints and tips on how to be a very effective Sixer or Second.