Survey Results

ClipboardEvery 3 or so years we ask parents to complete our Parents’ Satisfaction Survey just to check we are staying on the right track and offering the best service to both Brownies and parents.  If parents would like to complete our survey, please email Daffodil for the link.  For our April 2017 survey, we changed a few of the questions from the July 2015 survey to make it more relevant . Blue responses are from July 2015; green from April 2017.  Red is our response to the survey answers:

  1. On a scale of 1-5 how much does your daughter enjoying attending Brownies? All 5s – Absolutely Enjoys Attending; 85% – Loves It, Can’t wait for the Next Meeting; 15% – Absolutely Enjoys Attending.
  2. Does your daughter have enough say in what we do? All Yes.  All bar one “Yes”; one “No” response “Roslyn loves the activities chosen even if she doesn’t feel like she chosen them”.
  3. Does your daughter like the Weekly Best Brownie Award and subsequent “Daffodil’s Little Helper” role the following week? 60% – yes as she has won it; 40%, yes she would love to win it.
  4. Does your daughter like to take part in [list of 10 activities given]: Mainly “Yes”, a few “Sometimes”.  Mainly “Yes”, a few “Sometimes”. and one “no” – for completing Interest Badges at home.
  5. Does your daughter like the Best Six League Table? 100% yes.
  6. Views on both the District website plus our website, newsletter and half term reminders: Yes, all excellent for our website, newsletter and term reminders.  A few parents did not know about the District Newsletter and a couple don’t use it. No change.  We’ve made this website more interactive, parents can “like” posts and comments; we also have a Twitter account now. As it wasn’t being visited, the District Website no longer has Units’ news just contact details/links.
  7. What would your daughter like to do more off? 30% more challenge badges, 30% more general craft, 30% more fun games, 100% more life skills.  We brought in more make and take home craft last term so Brownies have something to show for what they did. We completed the 100 Years of Home Making badge in Summer 2017 which concentrated on requested life skills; furthermore, the new Brownie programme incorporates more life skills.
  8. With regard our neckers & woggles. Did parents prefer the current “loan and deposit” system or prefer to buy out right?  Most preferred the current system. No plans to change this as its the most economical. 
  9. With regard photographs – checking parents knowledge of our photographs and how to get copies. Most knew we published the photographs on the website but didn’t realise that they can ask Daffodil for a copy to be emailed. All bar one knew we published them and copies could be requested.
  10. Are the leaders approachable? All yes; all yes.
    “All the leaders are fantastic and do an amazing job with the Brownies. I couldn’t have wished for better leaders.”
    “All leaders I have ever dealt with have been approachable”
    “You are all amazing”.
    “You’re all awesome!!”.
  11. How do you rate us overall? All rated us “Excellent – would recommend” Same.
    “My daughter LOVES Brownies! She looks forward to the meetings each week. The activities you do are varied, interesting and fun and she has definitely grown in confidence since starting Brownies.”
    “Always recommending 1st Waddington Brownies to people at school”
    “Brownies is great, keep up the good work”
    “The best Brownie unit!  You put so much effort into organising everything and we all appreciate it.  My little girl has grown so much by coming to your Unit.  THANK YOU!!!”
    “My daughter loves coming to Brownies, her confidence has improved and she will be so sad to leave”.

To gauge parents interest in our bi-annual Brownie holidays, we sent out a survey in May 2015 – results below:

  1. We plan to return twice a year to Seagull House as its our nearest Guiding holiday venue.  Would parents still be interested in sending their daughter (possibly multiple times if she completed 3 years with us).
    85% stated they didn’t mind returning to Seagull House each time. 10% would return one more time.
    “My daughter enjoyed the trip to Seagull House and am sure she would enjoy the trip regardless of where you go. The amount of planning that went into the trip was enormous and she thoroughly enjoyed all activities.”
  2. Would parents prefer to go somewhere else further afield (2 hour drive or more).
    60% stated no.  20% stated yes but only if transport was provided.
  3. Would you object to a rise in our Brownie holiday fee.
    45% said no, a raise of £5 would be okay. 50% said no, a rise of £10 would be okay.
    Following this feedback, we did increase our April 2016 holiday by £5 to£40 to give us a bigger budget for all the activities; however, for our September 2017 holiday we reduced it back down to just £35.
  4. Would parents be interested in a trip to PGL cost approx £100 with no transport.
    50% said yes; 40% said yes but only if pack subsidised it (max of 30%).
    PGL proved to be far too expensive (around £120 each! ) but taking on board parents’ feedback we changed our April 2017 holiday to a sleepover at Rand Farm – unfortunately, even though we subsidised it by £15, it wasn’t as popular due to the cost.  In 2017, we collected 2500 Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers which gave us 25% discount off PGL and we heavily subsidised it so the final cost to parents was reduced from £120 to just £70!!   We have no other plans to change our annual Autumn trip to Seagull House as it is simply the best value for money for everyone but are trying to find other venues for our Spring weekend but as always it depends on the cost and finding somewhere near enough.
  5. With regard to Seagull House, what time would you prefer to arrive on Friday?
    55% said current time 7pm was fine / 45% said they would prefer a slightly earlier time of 6pm
    Taking this on board, the following holiday arrival time was changed to 6.15-6.30pm.
    Following further feedback after the October 2015 weekend; parents struggled to get there earlier due to traffic; therefore, for future holidays we reverted back to 7pm.
  6. With regard to Seagull House, what time would you prefer to depart on Sunday?
    40% said current time 11.30am was fine / 45% said they would prefer a slightly later time of 2pm and include lunch
    Taking this on board, the following weekend departure time was changed to 12noon.
    Again, following further feedback from the Leaders ; the later departure time didn’t really work so for our April 2016 holiday so the pick up reverted back to 11am; however, for our October 2017 holiday – to enable use to make full use of the Sunday morning the pick up time for this one will be 12noon.  We suspect pickup times will be flexible for each holiday depending on what we will be doing 🙂
  7. Parents were asked if their daughter enjoyed a list of activities provided. All said yes.
    “She loved everything!”
    “She enjoys all aspects of the holiday and really looks forward to helping and getting stuck in with the activities. :-)”
    “Happy to try any new things”
  8. Finally, how do you rate 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies’ holidays overall?
    85% – Excellent, would recommend 15% – Very Good
    “I have been so amazed by how my daughter’s confidence has grown, through the amazing activities that she takes part in at Brownies- she used to be quite shy and only do things if her older brother was with her. Your amazing organisation in all activities has filled me as a parent, with confidence that she would be happy, safe and that you would look after with kindness whilst on her first time ever away from home! :0) ”
    “They have a lot of fun and the preparation, planning and organisation is brilliant. All the leaders are lovely and approachable and our daughter has a fab time! Thank you! “
    “My daughter says “they are excellent because they were fun” “the best bits were the camp fire and the beach”
    “Daffodil does an amazing job and I like that she is very organised and things are structured. Wouldn’t change anything about Brownies”