Survey Results

ClipboardEvery 3 or so years we ask parents to complete our Parents’ Satisfaction Survey just to check we are staying on the right track and offering the best service to both Brownies and parents.  If parents would like to complete our survey, please email Daffodil for the link.  Our surveys have been in July 2015, April 2017 and May 2020.  Blue are responses from our latest survey in May 2020.  Green is our response to the survey answers:

  1. On a scale of 1-5 how much does your daughter enjoying attending Brownies?
    87.5% – Loves it, can’t wait for the next meeting; 12.5%  – Absolutely enjoys attending. 
  2. Does your daughter have enough say in what we do?
    All bar one “Yes”; one “would love to dance and play”.  We have more dancing planned!
  3. Does your daughter like the Weekly Best Brownie Award?
    80%  “Yes as she has won it”; 10% “Yes, she would love to win it”; 10% “Neither likes or dislikes it”.
  4. Does your daughter like the Best Six League Table?
    80% “Yes, she enjoys collecting points for her Six”; 20% “Neither likes or dislikes it”.
  5. Does your daughter like to take part in [list of 10 activities given]:
    Mainly “Yes”, a few “Sometimes”. and two”Nos” re completing Interest Badges at home and attending joint events with other units.
  6. Regarding subs and payments; how satisfied are you?
    All “Very satisfied” or “Satisfied” bar one “Neither satisfied or unsatisfied” re paying an extra £3 in January for our census bill.
  7. Regarding our Brownie weekends away, how satisfied are you?
    Mainly “Satisfied”; a few “Neither satisfied or unsatisfied” re liking Brownie weekends, our charges, attending PGL and arrival times.
  8. Do you find our social media and newsletters useful?
    90% “Yes they are excellent”; 10% “Yes, but there is too much info to absorb” re website; 20% “Did not know but now plan to use” re our Twitter account; 30% “No, do not use it” re our Flickr (photos page).
  9. Thoughts regarding our Brownies at Home programme created due to COVID-19?
    70% “Is great an my daughter has used it”; 20% “Is great but my daughter hasn’t used it yet”; 10% thought the thank you posters were a waste of resources and not required; some didn’t realize we had links to other activities on our website; all want to receive the May pack-up.
  10. How do you rate us overall? 85% rated us “Excellent – would recommend”; 15% rated us “Very Good”.
    ” My daughter loves this group I cannot praise the leaders enough they are fab and all work hard to keep our children involved and up to date with Brownies.  Even though they are not all together they are provided with a link so they feel they belong which is so fundamental in these difficult times.”
    Endorsements from the previous 2 surveys:
    “My daughter LOVES Brownies! She looks forward to the meetings each week. The activities you do are varied, interesting and fun and she has definitely grown in confidence since starting Brownies.”
    “Always recommending 1st Waddington Brownies to people at school”
    “Brownies is great, keep up the good work”
    “The best Brownie unit!  You put so much effort into organizing everything and we all appreciate it.  My little girl has grown so much by coming to your Unit.  THANK YOU!!!”
    “My daughter loves coming to Brownies, her confidence has improved and she will be so sad to leave”.

    Finally, this questions wasn’t included in this survey, but the endorsements received from the other 2 surveys: Are the leaders approachable?
    “All the leaders are fantastic and do an amazing job with the Brownies. I couldn’t have wished for better leaders.”
    “All leaders I have ever dealt with have been approachable”
    “You are all amazing”.
    “You’re all awesome!!”.