Thank You So Much …

This page is dedicated to all the folk, associations, shops, businesses, in fact anyone who has helped or supported our Unit in any way, shape or form:

Thank you to Hykeham Asda who very kindly allowed us to do a bag packing session in February 2020 to raise funds for our unit.  Paula, the lovely Community Champions liaison sorted us out.  Our plan was to man 2 tills with a team of one adult and one Brownie, switching shifts every half hour; however, in the end we just floated in front of all the tills with a team at each end!  After 4 hours, we raised an impressive £159.22 plus 3 euros cent.  Thank you and well done to Buttercup (with Mr Buttercup supporting us too), Daisy, Snowdrop and our lovely volunteer Brownies: Chloe, Libby, Lilly, Paige and Roger.  Everyone received a well-done certificate and “I Love Bag Packing” badge.

Thank you to the staff at Heckington Windmill who made us feel so welcome when we visited in June as part of our weekend away at Parva House.   Heckington Windmill is the world’s only working 8-sailed windmill and is a fascinating place to visit.  We had a fantastic 3 hours exploring the site: climbing to the top of the windmill, going out onto the windmill balcony, having lunch in the garden, grinding our own flour and finally visiting the Railway Museum.   We also completed the Heckingon Windmill Challenge Badge – what a great resource! Thank you to Sue for organising our group trip and to the 2 members of staff who gave us our private tour.  We’d highly recommend this fabulous site – visit their website here for more information.

Thank you to Party Workshops for coming along and running our fantastic Circus Skills Day in April 2019.  We had 18 Brownies plus 6 siblings attend a full on fun day learning lots of new skills.  We learnt to spin plates,  balance feathers, juggle balls and feathers; we learnt how to control the tricky Diabolo.  We threw, passed and juggled Flower Sticks, we put on a show, told jokes and played games.  Finally, we played on the stilts, fun wheels, unicycle, pogo sticks, hula hoops and the tight rope.  We had a brilliant day and went home with the Brownie Circus Interest Badge. Thank you Carl and Becky. Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.

Thank you to Bracebridge Heath Co-op for their generous donation of £15. This was used to buy goodies for our parents’ raffle  as part of our Red Nose Night in March 2019.  We’ll be running a fun night for the Brownies with lots of different stalls for them to visit such as Guess How Many Sweets in the Jar, Treasure Map, Name that Baby, Lollipop Dip etc.  Daffodil  and Buttercup wrote letters to several local shops asking for donations for our raffle and Co-op where the first to reply.  Fingers crossed the others get in touch soon. They were Budgens @ Waddington Village, Cost Cutter @ RAF Waddington, Tesco @ Bracebridge Heath and Morrisons.

Thank you  Zoe and Sophie who work for LIVES and came to teach us how to do CPR in October 2018.  LIVES is the Lincolnshire charity that supports 700+ highly trained and dedicated volunteers who get to their neighbours fast to deliver vital care in those first critical moments of a medical emergency before handing over to the ambulance service; the week they visited was their Restart a Heart Day event. Zoe started the session by explaining how they were before Sophie took over to take them through the very interesting lesson.  We learnt about assessing if the casualty is awake, how to check their breathing.  What to do next – call 999 and how to use a defibrillator.  We also learned how to do compression and had a great time practising on the blow up dummies “Fred”.  The activity was finished with a Q&A session and a group photograph before we said a traditional Brownie thank you to Zoe and Sophie for their time.  Thank you again ladies.

Thank you to SSAFA who, following an application from Esmee’s dad, have donated to our Unit.  This essential contribution is to pay for all the new Brownie programme resources we now need to buy including badge books, Brownie handbooks, new anniversary badges, themed badges, skill builder and Brownie interest badges. Plus all the resources the Leaders need to run this new programme such as Skills Builder Badge pack-ups and 3 sets of unit meeting activity cards.  We had planned to give each Brownie one of the new Brownie Handbooks but after viewing both this and the new Badge book we think the Brownies will benefit more from having the badge book.  This donation means we can now offer parents the new Brownie Badge book half price for just £3.50 and we will also throw in the plastic bookmark which is usually sold separately.  We will continue to purchase and give out the old Brownie Adventure Handbook as although we will no longer be following the Adventure programme, the book is jam packed full of vital information and fun activities and can still has use as a valuable resource .  Once again, thank you.  Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.

Thank you to RAFA who, following an application from Daffodil, supported and submitted by our sponsor, Sharon Wyatt, have donated to our Unit.  As per the SSAFA donation above, this donation meant we could offer parents the new Brownie Badge book half price for just £3.50 (plus we will include a the official bookmark (RRP £1.50).  We will continue to purchase and give out the old Brownie Adventure Handbook as although we will no longer be following the Adventure programme, the book is jam packed full of vital information and fun activities and can still has use as a valuable resource .  Once again, thank you.  Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.

Thank you to  Corporal Steve Roberts, RAF Regiment from the Intelligence Reserves Wing, RAF Waddington, joined us for an excellent and fun marching lesson which forms part of our celebrations for Armed Forces Day.  After explaining to the Brownies, the need to shout, he split them into 2 groups.  These 2 groups were now in competition with each other and would take turns to learn the basics such as bringing themselves up to attention, about turning, marching and of course saluting.  The leaders had to sit as the audience and using a clap-o-meter to score each group’s efforts.  It was a very close result but Team B just pipped Team A to the post.  Cpl Roberts presented Team B with their winning certificates before Daffodil handed out Certificates of Achievements to all the Brownies.  A massive Brownies thank you to Cpl Roberts for giving up his time to come and visit us. Click on the picture to be directed to the official Armed Forces Day website to find out more.

Thank you to Pennells Garden Centre, Lincoln, who following a letter from us asking for donations for our planters, sent us a very generous £30 worth of vouchers.  We are looking forward to using these over the coming months to keep our planters looking ship shape, in season and beautiful.  Daffodil used £20 of the vouchers to buy some new plants in September to keep the planters looking pretty and colourful through the cold Autumn period.  Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.  We are still after a parent volunteer with green fingers to help us keep this planters looking great – contact Daffodil if you can spare a couple of hours a week to do so.

Thank you to the Rattlejag Morris Dancers who came and gave us a fantastic Morris dancing lesson in February 2018 as part of our work on the Seasons badge.  The Brownies had an brilliant time and did really well to learn the complicated broom dance – we know Pam and Jayne were very impressed!  Definitely one to do again in the future!  Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.

A massive thank you to Fab Discos who have provided the entertainment for 3 of our end of term parties.  The first in 2016 for our Glitz and Glamour Hollywood themed awards night; 2017 for our Hawaii-themed party and 2019 for our Movie-themed party.  The Brownies always have an ace time and our parties was made more special by having Hannah and Chris there to play some fantastic music and keep the Brownies active.  We love them so much that there’s no doubt we will continue to use them in the future.  Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.


A massive thank you to The Bee Hive – Jo  very kindly donated over 40 brand new sparkly new organza bags after one of our leaders put out a “wanted” post on her facebook page.  These bags were used in April 2018 to make scented laundry bags and to hold our home made peppermint creams as part of our 100 Years of Home Making badge.  Homemaking has been part of the Guiding programme since its beginning in 1910, with the Cook badge dating from among the earliest Guide badges. Homemaking skills will never go out of fashion so we completed this badge which encouraged the Brownies to have a go at some of the skills needed to run a house.  The challenge consists of zones based on a different badge or combination of badges from the last 108 years: Cook/ Confectioner, Hostess, Knitter/Needlewoman, Laundress, Homemaker/ Handywoman and Gardener/Flower Arranger.  We made beautiful flower arrangements, peppermint creams, scented laundry bags and napkin rings. We learnt how to do our washing, set the table and make pretty napkin displays.  Lastly,  we polished our shoes and tried silver cleaning, learnt to cross stitch, made a mood board and pom-poms.  Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.

Thank you to Gavin from Hill Holt Woods who visited our Unit in October 2017 and gave the Brownies a valuable insight into how Rangers look after the forest/woods and trees.  Gavin told us all about Hill Holt Wood and how he helped look after it then told us about the brilliant wildflower bombs we were making with clay (that he’d dug up at Hill Holt Wood that morning), compost and a handful of wildflower seeds.  The bombs were very easy to make and the Brownies had a great time making lots which they took home wrapped in tin foil.  These need to dry out for 2 days until crumbly, then the idea is to throw them on a piece of ground for some lovely wildflower to spring up.  These will then provide food and shelter for a variety of small insects and creatures. Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.

Thank you to Graham who came from the Lincoln Astronomical Society in September 2017 and dazzled the Brownies with a talk all about the night sky and stars as part of their Space Challenge Badge. Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.

One of our favourite end of term events is going out on the lake at Activities Away.  We love this so much we’ve been 3 times in July 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 and we are going back in 2020!   The staff are always so accommodating and the Brownies have a fabulous time.  The format is pretty similar each time: a safety brief, then time to squeeze into those wet suits, buoyancy aids and safety helmets on.  The Brownies are then split into 2 groups and have 60 minutes doing lots of fun activities including racing, playing games on boards and the favourite jumping off the pier into the lake!  In 2018, Tulip also went in the water- well done Tulip!  All too soon, its time to get out and dried but before we go home, we always get a little treat .. usually home made cakes by Buttercup – yum!  Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.

November 2015 was our first trip to Tesco to undertake their Farm to Fork trail as part of the Lincolnshire Imp Challenge badge. In June 2017, we completed the trail again  as part of our Healthy Eating Badge.  We visited the grocery department and found out about all the different fruits and vegetables, where they came from, where they were packaged and completed an activity sheets to help us do this.  Next to the Fish counter where we found out about various types of fish and shellfish and tasted some salmon – yummy. We moved onto the Cheese deli counter and tried 3 different cheeses: Cheddar, cream cheese and cheddar with caramelised onion. We then visited the storeroom followed by the fridge store to see how cold it was!  The Brownies were even offered the chance to check out the freezer which was minus 22 and a few Brownies even volunteered to go in there for a few seconds – very brave!  We had a great time – learnt lots about the running of a huge supermarket and where food comes from, tried some tasty treats and left with a goody bag.  A big thank you to Diane and the rest of the Eat Happy Community Project team .  Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.

We hosted a fabulous Marie Curie tea party for all our Brownies and their parents in June 2017.  Two Marie Curie nurses, Sue and Karen, came along to support our event and answer any questions anyone had about the charity.  It was a great tea party and we raised a fantastic £96 via the 5 “zones” we had set up: Ticket/Raffle booth, The Watering Hole (drinks to buy), Brain Tea-ser stall (quiz), Tasty Delights Staff (cakes to buy) and the Photo Booth! We also made edible tea cups with party ring biscuits, marshmallows, decorated chocolate buttons and polo-mints – all held together with different coloured icing pens.  The Brownies and their guests had a fun time making their tea cups and we had a lovely variety of different designs.  Once they were all completed, a quick tidy up then on to our chocolate game. Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more information on Marie Curie and how to become involved and raise money for this charity.

In March 2017, we completed the Disability Awareness badge and for the hearing section, we had a lovely visit from Richard Fish, a Makaton Tutor.  Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate – especially those who may not necessarily be deaf but have problems speaking. Firstly Richard showed us a video of him signing in Makaton Let It Go (from Frozen).  The Brownies were then shown 15 different signs/symbols to learn including Brownie, dog, milk, biscuit, cake, mummy, daddy, fish, house, pig, cat and dinner.  Once they had grasped these we all played Makaton bingo with Richard signing and Brownies finding the right symbol to place on the bingo board.  Lastly, Richard shows us how to sign the Brownie Promise and Law. Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.

In November 2016 as part of our Christmas Challenge badge we painted pre-made pottery Christmas decorations which came as a ready made pack-up from The Little Pottery Studio.  After painting them, Buttercup dropped them off at the Studio so they could go into the kiln and be set and they were returned the following week. An excellent facility and one we plan to use again! Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.



In September 2016 we had a fantastic trip to Waddington fire station as part of our Fire Safety badge.  Dan and his team made sure the Brownies learnt some valuable lessons about fire safety and we also got to try on fire fighter’s uniform and boots, have a good look round the station and fire engine and use the hose!  A massive thank you to Dan and the team. Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.



For Father’s Day in June 2016, Mandy from Mandy Makes and Mends came in help us make superb die-cut Father’s Day Cards.  These special personalised cards where just the thing to give our lovely dads for Father’s Day. Thank you Mandy for coming along and running this brilliant activity. Click on the picture to be directed to their website to find out more.



We had a brilliant trip to Pets at Home in February 2016 as part of our work on the Friend to Animals badge. The Brownies got to pet a rabbit, hold a guinea pig and snake, stroke a gecko and feed some fish.  A marvellous and thoroughly informative trip and a massive Brownie thank you to Alice and all the team at Pets at Home.

For the last part of the Lincolnshire Imp Challenge badge in January 2016, a lovely music therapist called Stacie came in to teach us lots of sea shanties such as Row, Row, Row Your Boat, My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean, What Should We Do With The Drunken Sailor and the Lincolnshire Poacher song.  We had a great time singing and taking turns to play a variety of different musical instruments.  A massive thank you to Stacie.


Also in November 2015, for the penultimate part of our work on the Lincolnshire Imp Challenge, we had the lovely Tegwen and Richard Manton from the Washingborough Rings and Harlaxton Chimes in tell us all about church/towel bells and we learnt to play Jiggle Bells on the hand bells.  It was a noisy but brilliant meeting.  Click on the picture to be directed to the Washingborough Parish Council to find out more.  Tewgen is also our official auditor and very kindly audits our accounts every year for Daffodil. Sadly, Richard passed away in 2019 and although, all of the Brownies who took part have now left the Unit, the Leaders have very fond memories of this activity and send our love and prayers to Tegwen xx

In September 2015, we completed the Thinking of Me Challenge badge and for the week covering “Relaxation” we had a lovely lady called Cathy come in and run a session of Yoga for the Brownies .  To find out how to book Cathy for your group, click on her Linked In page here.

In June 2013, we invited our Dads along and had a chocotastic meeting ran by our own chocolatier Bluebell (Cath).  Brownies and dads made chocolate lollipops which went down a storm. In March 2014, Cath ran another chocolate evening ready for Easter.   Disposable aprons on, neckers tucked in and we were off – dipping marshmallows in freshly melted chocolate (with a hint of mint) and decorated with mini-eggs.  Many thanks to Cath for providing this amazing activity. Cath has since moved away so is no longer one of our Leaders but she does still make bespoke chocolates and runs lots of chocolate making parties . Click on the picture to be directed to her website to find out more.

In April 2013, we had some lovely visitors: Merlin’s Mission – Registered Speaker and Fundraiser for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.  John visited with his lovely black Labrador Poppy and Simon with his daughter’s dog Sam.  We learnt all about the training a hearing dog undertakes, what tasks they do for their owners and how important they are to the deaf people they assist.  Donate to this worthwhile charity here.

As part of the First Aid badge, Poppy (Cassie) – a RAF medic, arranged for the RAF ambulance and come and visit the Unit in April 2013.  It was definitely the highlight of the badge as everyone got a chance to check out the inside, all it’s equipment, hear the siren and have a good root around.  Thank you Poppy.

In February 2013 as part of our Community work we visited the Church of the Resurrection at RAF Waddington.  Padre Alex very kindly showed us round the Church; talking about the altar, font, collection plate and explaining to us the story behind the pictures around the church.  It was a fascinating trip that the Brownies thoroughly enjoyed it.  A big Brownie thank you to Padre Alex 🙂


As part of our Looking After Ourselves theme in January 2013, our meeting was run by Lily (Ashley) and Tulip (Fiona) who were both RAF Dental Nurses.  They, along with a Dental Officer, Minty told us all our teeth and the dangers of not cleaning them properly. We then had disclosure tablets to turn our teeth and gums bright pink before cleaning our teeth and working out just how well or poorly we cleaned them.  Thank you ladies.


In November 2012 as part of the Agility Badge we had a Zumba lesson by a lovely lady called Sam. We started off with some warm up exercises and then approximately 20 minutes of very energetic Zumba which all the girls thoroughly enjoyed.  We finished with a warm down. Thank you Sam.