Weekly Best Brownie Roll of Honour 2017

Spring Term 2017

Monday 9th January: Amber (Rabbits)
Monday 16th January: Mary (Foxes)
Monday 23rd January: Louise (Foxes)
Monday 30th January: Monthly Smartest Uniform: Amber
Monday 6th February: Isobelle (Hedgehogs)
Monday 13th February: Victoria (Hedgehogs)
Monday 20th February: Evelyn (Squirrels)
Monday 27th February: Best Costume – Charlotte (Hedgehogs)
Monday 6th March: Erin (Rabbits)
Monday 13th March: No Weekly Best Brownie this week
Monday 20th March: Niamh (Rabbits)
Monday 27th March: Jessica (Squirrels)
Monday 27th March: Monthly Smartest Uniform: Laya
Best Brownie of the Spring Term: Charlotte aka Norman – super well done 🙂

Summer Term 2017

Monday 24th April: Charlotte (Rabbits)
Monday 1st May: Rand Farm Best  Brownie: Jessica (Squirrels)
Monday 8th May: Emily G (Hedgehogs)
Monday 15th May: Namsemi (Foxes)
Monday 22nd May: No Weekly Best Brownie this week
Monday 29th May: Amelia F (Foxes)
Monday 29th May: Monthly Smartest Uniform: Mary
Monday 5th June: Hannah (Hedgehogs)
Monday 12th June: Jessica (Squirrels)
Monday 19th June: No Weekly Best Brownie this week
Monday 26th June: Ruby (Rabbits)
Monday 26th June: Monthly Smartest Uniform: Amelia F
Monday 3rd July: Paige (Foxes)
Monday 10th JulyNo Weekly Best Brownie this week
Best Brownie of the Summer Term: Isobelle (Hedgehogs) – congratulations 🙂

Autumn Term 2017

Monday 4th September:  No Weekly Best Brownie this week
Monday 11th September: Hannah T (Squirrels) 
Monday 18th September:
Niamh (Rabbits)
Monday 25th September:
Brownie Holiday Best Brownie: Mary
Monday 25th September:
Monthly Smartest Uniform:  Emily O
Monday 2nd October: Ella (Hedgehogs)
Monday 9th October:
Isobel (Rabbits)
Monday 16th October:
Roslyn (Hedgehogs)
Monday 23rd October:
Half term week – no Best Brownie
Monday 30th October:
Libby (Rabbits)
Monday 30th October:
Monthly Smartest Uniform: Louise 
Monday 6th November: 
Laya (Foxes)
Monday 13th November:
Ella (Hedgehogs)
Monday 20th November:
Erin (Rabbits)
Monday 27th November:
Imogen (Rabbits)
Monday 27th November: 
Monthly Smartest Uniform:  Hannah W
Monday 4th December:
 Roslyn (Hedgehogs)
Best Brownie of the Autumn Term: 
Namsemi (Foxes) – super well done 🙂