What’s On?

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The Five Essentials

Girlguiding believes in the value of learning by doing. This is put into practice through a Method with five interlinking elements, known as the Five Essentials of guiding:

  • working together in small groups
  • encouraging self-government and decision making
  • a balanced and varied programme
  • caring for the individual
  • sharing a commitment to a common standard

We start our meetings by singing a Brownie Song and saying the Brownie Promise and Law together and end with a farewell song. We also have Pow-Wows (discussions) when the girls are asked for suggestions on what they would like to do, suggest names for new helpers or ideas for a venture etc.

Old Brownie (Adventure) Programme:

With the new Brownie programme being launched in Summer 2018, the Brownie Adventure programme was phased out over a 12 month period.  Here at 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies, we finished our work on the Adventure programme in May 2019.  Although the Adventure Book is no longer an official part of the Brownie programme, we think its a smashing resource with 154 pages filled with lots of activities, crafts, quizzes plus lots of valuable information about Brownies.  Therefore, we will continue to give out these books (for free) and use them as time fillers between official activities and for the girls to work through at the  very start of every meeting when we split into smaller groups to do our Gardening and the Tweenie sessions.

New Brownie Programme:

Girlguiding have designed a new Brownie programme to be as easy to use as possible for leaders, offering a pick-up-and-go programme with a range of mix-and-match activities. We’ve introduced new topics, new skills and new ways for girls to broaden their horizons. The new programme is structured around six core themes, which together provide fun and stretching experiences that make up the package of skills girls have told us they need.  Within the six activity themes, there will be a wide range of topics to choose from, which will be different in each section – so although the overall themes will be the same, the subjects covered will not.   Here at 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies we brought in the new programme in stages starting in January 2019 and completely converted over in September 2019; we aim to complete one Skills Builder badge and associated Unit Meeting Activities each term.   To achieve the Brownie Gold Awards, girls need to complete all 6 awards; to achieve a theme award,  Brownies do need to complete the Interest badges at home.  Any Brownies wishing to work towards their Gold Award should speak to Daffodil so we can help them achieve this goal.  More information on each aspect of this new programme can be found here.