Whoever they are, wherever they’re from, girls can do anything

Who we are

What we do

With guiding, girls have fun, adventure and the space to discover their potential

They go to their first ever sleepover, kayak on lakes, learn about body confidence, and even have a go at leading their own weekly meetings. Or sometimes they simply have fun and try new things with friends.

Girls take what they do in guiding with them as they grow up. Everything from working in a team, to taking the lead, to speaking out on issues they care about. It helps them develop the skills and confidence to become the young women they want to be. And to make a difference to the world around them.

What do girls do in Brownies?

Brownies follow our programme. In unit meetings, they do fun activities, play games and earn skills builder badges, all while being supported by our trained volunteers. 


Your child could get skills builder badges in themes such as camping, communication and first aid. And if she wants to take guiding home, there’s lots of interest badges to do in between unit meetings, like the aviation badge, performing badge and inventing badge. 


Many units split girls into small groups called sixes for some activities and, as your child gets older, she’ll have a chance to become the sixer or seconder, the leaders, of a six. 


She could also go to events planned locally by her unit such as a Christmas panto, a district event with other units and girls from her town or even a weekend away on a Brownie holiday. 

What do Brownies wear?

Our members to wear a uniform to show they’re part of the Girlguiding family. Brownies wear a top and a pair of bottoms.  

Badges can be attached to her uniform – the promise badge, which she’ll get after making her Brownie promise, should be on the left-hand side and all other badges can be attached where she chooses. 

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