Leadership team

The adults who run a Brownie unit are called leaders. They are unpaid volunteers who have completed Girlguiding training. They are usually helped by a team of other young women or adults. All our leaders follow the code of conduct. Our team is made up as follows:


Daffodil has nearly 23 years Guiding service and took over the unit in 2010. Daffodil was never a Brownie or Guide and came to Girlguiding as an adult volunteer in 2000. Daffodil was awarded the County Good Service Certificate and Brooch in November 2021 for excellent service within Girlguiding. Daffodil is the unit’s Going Away Scheme licence holder allowing her to organise and run weekend trips away for the Brownies.


Daisy joined us in September 2016 as a parent helper before finishing her Girlguiding leadership qualification in 2022. Over the years she has taken on many different roles in the unit. She coordinates our monthly depot order – making sure we have everything we need each term and helps Daffodil run the Unit accounts – she is a dab hand at finding mistakes when Daffodil can’t get them to balance!  


Unit  helper
Snowdrop joined us in September 2018. She sends out our welcome letters to new girls joining us and has been our unit sports rep for a few years organising our annual sports day. She also loves making Christmas woolly hat decorations so runs those nights when we make them! Snowdrop is our  current Tweenie mentor – helping prepare our newest and youngest members to take their Brownie promise.



Unit helper
Sunflower joined us in September 2021 and completes the very important  post-meeting venue checks – ensuring Daffodil has not left anything behind and we’ve left the rooms clean and tidy. Sunflower’s secret weapon is sign language and has taught the Brownies finger spelling.  


Unit helper
Lily joined us in January 2023 following a call for more volunteers at RAF Waddington. Due to her work shifts, she’s not always able to come every week but when she does, she throws  herself into all our Unit meeting activities and seems to be having as much fun as the Brownies. 


Unit helper
Blossom joined us in May 2022 following a call for volunteers at RAF Waddington. Blossom has thrown herself into her volunteering role at our Unit and is great at working in the small groups with the Brownies, helping them with their crafts or to complete a task for a skills builder badge.


Unit Administrator
Buttercup was one of our marvellous leaders for 8 years between September 2015 and December 2023. She is now on a well-earned break from Girlguiding but is staying on as a recognised volunteer ready to jump in should we need her in an emergency. Who knows, she may well re-join as a leader sometime in the future!



Unit administrator
Tulip was one of our unit helpers between July 2017 to July 2019; nowadays, behind the scenes, she is invaluable as our events home contact . Tulip is the one who would call all the parents  to et them know there’s been an incident etc, leaving the Leaders at the scene to deal with the incident itself and the Brownies. 

Young leaders

Emily aka Blue Cheese is a Ranger and Young Leader at our Unit. Emily was a Brownie with us before moving up to Guides and returned after 3 years away as a Brownie helper. In 2022, she moved up to Rangers and became our first Young Leader. Blue Cheese is an amazing young woman and will try her hand at anything, be it helping the Brownies with a craft, running a game and even running Tweenies in Snowdrop’s absence.

In January 2023, one of our former Brownies (and Buttercup’s daughter), Isobel aka Marigold joined us as a DofE volunteer and has enjoyed it so much that she has now re-joined Girlguiding as a Young Leader. Isobel has been a fantastic volunteer, throwing herself into her volunteering and becoming a valuable part of our unit.

In December 2023, another one of our former Brownies (and Daisy’s daughter), Paige aka Poppy joined us a Young Leader. Paige has often helped us in the past and we welcome her with open arms to our unit

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